The term “Sibghatullah” means the colours of Allah. In addition to full spectrum of colours, the revealed meanings of this term; encompass all the creation of Allah, which points to one or more attributes of Allah. All that has ever happened or exists; and all that is ever seen, found, realized, by any human being, is always the result of either one or more, colours of our Allah.

The intended purpose of this website is to educate the people of my nation about receiving direct; revelations, knowledge, blessings and guidance from our one and only Allah. Every One of us is born with adequate capacity to communicate with his/her ALLAH. A vast majority of the people of my nation are simply unaware of their own spiritual potential. Although, most people listened in their Friday Sermons, that, “call upon Him, He will respond to you” but only few know, what was said, and even fewer believe, what has been said to them.

Under the divine support and blessings, this website shall try to re-connect that link of the people of my Nation with their own; most forgiving, most merciful, almighty and all-knowing ALLAH. We shall collectively discuss, identify and remove the; debris, fungus, dust, which is obstructing most individuals, from receiving direct communication from their God.

The opinions presented on this website, are presented in such a manner that the final decision for accepting or rejecting that opinion remains with the reader. We shall present an idea and provide the rationale, evidence and appropriate references from the Holy Qur’an. The authority to decide and determine; the accuracy of our opinion, will be in the hands of each individual reader.

An option to provide feedback or discuss those opinions will be maintained on this website. We shall like to post the appreciations, recognitions, objections, questions and conflicting arguments, from our readers on this website. We shall seek legal consent of each writer, before posting their writing on this website.